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Employment Services

CCARC assists individuals in finding meaningful and competitive employment aiding in their goal of independence. Our employment specialists work with the individual and their planning team through Person-Centered Planning to determine the amount of support required while on the job. We can offer Group Supported Employment (GSE) or Individual Supported Employment (ISE). GSE consists of a small group of participants with the support of a job coach working together at a job site. If ISE is more appropriate the participant will have job coaching on an as-needed basis. For many, GSE is a stepping stone for them to become individually employed. 


An individual is employed in a local business and receives initial training from a CCARC Instructor until the job can be completed independently. Ongoing supports are provided as needed.


A small group of individuals work within a local business or perform service jobs in a number of community settings. A CCARC instructor remains with the group during all work hours.

Situational Assessment

A time limited service to evaluate an individual’s abilities for employment. These assessments take place at community-based employment sites.

Diversify Your Workforce

CCARC is an excellent resource for reliable, well-trained employees to fill a range of positions and tasks. We offer job crews of 3-6 employees with on-site job coaching or we will work with you to find an individual employee that compliments your business. 


If you hire an individual, we train the employee for free and provide job coaching until they are ready to work independently. We remain in contact with the business, address issues directly, and provide job coaching on an as-needed basis. 


If a job crew better suits your business needs, CCARC will handle the supervision and administration. A Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides job-coaching on-site to ensure productivity and satisfaction. 

Our cost-effective, flexible programs offer employers both quality work and productivity. Benefits to employers include:


  • Dependability

  • Outstanding attendance

  • Extremely low turnover

  • Quality output

  • Commitment to your goals

  • Higher employee morale

  • Positive brand impression

  • Develop customer loyalty through social impact

How It Works

We take care of the screening and supervision at no cost to you. A CCARC Direct Support Professional (DSP) learns the job first, then teaches, supervises, and coaches the individual or the job crew. We take the worry out of hiring. You benefit from trained, motivated employees who know your needs.

Example Industries and Positions:

• Food Service

• Package and Assembly

• Retail

• Clerical and Mailing Services

Satisfied Employers

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