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We exist to enhance the lives of people with IDD and their families and give them a safe place to call home within their community.


Care:  At the core, our organization is based on person-centered services delivered through practical programs and nurturing support.

Compassion: We believe in the respect for human dignity and the belief that all people deserve opportunities to make the most of their lives. 

Individuals: We know that every human being is unique, and we offer services that are tailored on a continuum of providing basic needs all the way through the fulfillment of dreams. 

Respect:  We recognize the inherent value in all human beings.  We strive to treat our constituency and staff with dignity in all ways and believe that people have the right to choose their place in the world. 

Community: We build strong collaborations through relationships with families, community providers, community leaders, staff, board, and participants. 


Recognized industry leader with unwavering commitment to growing individual and person-centered services and opportunities by expanding partnerships and educating the community about people with IDD 


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