CCARC's Board of Directors 2022-2023

CCARC, Inc. is overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors with experience from a variety of disciplines, including education, law, finance, business, nonprofit administration and public service. Family members and self-advocates serve on the Board, as well, lending their voice and perspective to matters that impact their lives. The Board of Directors and its Committees meet on a regular basis to address the oversight of the organization and help ensure high quality delivery of services.


President, Lynn Ricci
1st Vice President, Melissa Gagne
2nd Vice President, Jack Isaac
Secretary, Pastor Thomas Mills
Treasurer, Laura Foran

Immediate Past President, Gregory Stafstrom

Directors at Large

Peggy Atherlay

Timothy Bergstrom

Susan Boyle
Damaris Burgos 
Stacey Cafiero 

Chris Reuther 

Claudia McGhee

Gail Millerick

Stephen Nims  

Dr. William Petit

Gary Robinson 

Mark Spalding

Cathy Vacchelli

Lindsley Wellman

Chief Executive Officer

Linda Iovanna